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Mr. Don D - Boston, Massachusetts - USA


My wife and I had a most excellent time on the Lady Christa. We had the master cabin and it was perfect. The room size was just right and the woodworking in the room and on the boat was very nice. The layout of the boat also was very good.

The crew on the Lady Christa was outstanding. Oscar was excellent as the ship’s captain. We felt very secure with him has the captain. Christina did a magnificent job with cooking. All of her meals were excellent. I am allergic to seafood and she did an excellent job always making sure that I was satisfied with the non-seafood meal that she made for me. Carmelo was most helpful and his navigation skills on the small boat that took us ashore were excellent.
Our trip was most memorable. 

Charter in - Aeolian Islands - Italy  Tripadvisor review

Mr. Peter Mann & Family - USA


Our family - two grandparents, three parents and four kids - chartered one of the Wondergulets gulets for a 7-day cruise to all of the small, volcanic islands just off the north coast of Sicily.  In every possible way, it was the best family vacation we've ever taken.  The boat was great with comfortable cabins (smallish, of course), excellent eating area; lots of places to be in the sun; air conditioning at night; and a number of on-board activities for the kids (paddle boards, kayak, etc).  The crew was even better - totally friendly and went out of their way all the time to make sure that we were happy and doing the things we wanted.  Their English was a bit limited, but that didn't really make much of a difference as they could communicate in many other ways.  Our cook was great (more below) and the young deck-hand was incredibly kind and caring to our four young kids.
Our typical day was to have breakfast on board; cruise (sometimes with sails and sometimes just the engine) for a couple of hours to a new destination where we would swim, snorkel, and then eat a fabulous 4-course lunch prepared by the cook.  Following a post-lunch swim, we'd then head for the port where we'd spend the night.  These ports range from mid-sized with lots of stores, restaurants, etc to quite small villages with only one or two restaurants.  But, all were fun to explore.  A couple of the ports had hikes up to the island's volcano crater which added a little exercise and interest to the on-shore activities.  We had chosen to eat breakfast and lunch on board, but to have dinner off the boat, and that's what we would highly recommend to anyone.  The meals on-shore were superb, very reasonably priced and huge fun.  We avoided tying up to docks at the ports where we stayed which was a good decision as it meant we weren't bothered at night by any on-shore noise or activity.
So, what were the bad points?  Not so many.  The boat didn't have wi-fi which we solved by buying a SIM card so that one of our cell phones could serve as a hot spot.  A couple of the kids got stung by jellyfish which caused a few unhappy moments.  The crew said that was unusual, but you should be watchful for them.
All in all, a truly wonderful trip we will remember happily for a long time. Charter In Sicily - Italy

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Bartolo R. - Italy


Base manager wrote me that they were happy. Attached is their end of charter enquiry - Cruise in Polinesia 

Mr. Jaime & group - Spain


For the Mr. Jaime group -  i would like to say that, they seemed to us really happy and satisfied for the charter. I especially asked to Mr. Jaime and Mr. Jaime’s son that if they had any problem or anything that they didn’t like during charter or about transfer etc. but he informed me that everything was good and they would like to come next year as well. : Spanish Travel agency  - Gulet Cruise in Turkey 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis - Brooklyn, NY – USA


I haven’t heard back from Mr. and Mrs. Francis after he left the boat but during the cruise I talked to him and he was enjoying himself a lot. Thank you, Kind regards from : Serhan Turkish Travel agency - Gulet cruise in Turkey

Ms.Encarnacion - Spain


The clients send me an email. The charter was fantastic,they enjoy a lot : From Robert – Spanish travel agency - Gulet cruise in Italy

Alberto C. - Italy


Cabin cruise Italy/Amalfi Coast 1/8 July 2017

excellent experience
Tour, crew, food: the only drawback was the gulet – traditional wooden planking is very noisy .. this did detract a little pleasure to sleep at night ...