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“Gulet sailboat “ – is this the right word?

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If you find this page while you are looking to rent a Gulet and sail by yourself or maybe with your team, Well I should say that you came to the right place,  This is because you can simply send us a request and we shall use our network to get the right opportunity that will suit your needs.


You might have noticed, It is almost impossible to find an advertisement in the internet saying that there are Gulets for hire for your truly sailing experience.

Instead, gulets are usually advertised for charter and cabin charter with crew.


It is paramount to understand that gulets mainly use motors except for a few exceptions. So, if you enjoy sailing we could talk to right people in turkey and get things arranged.

gulet sailing boat



In this case, you can rent a gulet cruise with crew, You will have an opportunity to choose from more than fifty handpicked gulets that come with crew. The crew you select will not be a sailing crew but will be there to take care of all your needs while onboard. In case you still have not fully understood what a gulet  you can easily to get a comprehensive understanding.

gulet sailing with crew

There are gulets that do not have sails and as a result they operate on motors only. But the most important aspect of gulets is that they always come with a crew and this is why they are commonly regarded as crewed gulet yachts. All what you need is to select the gulet and the crew you prefer. Here’s a break down of the crew.

Superior Gulet Cruise

2/3 cabins- Two crew members who are a captain and a sailor or a cook

4 cabins- Three crew members who are a captain, a sailor and a cook

5/6 cabins- Four crew members who are a captain, two sailors and a cook

7/8 cabins- Four or five crew members who include a captain, a cook and two or three sailors

10 cabins- Five crew members who include a captain, three sailors and a cook

Luxury Gulet Cruise

4 cabins- Three or four crew members who include a captain, a cook and one or two sailors

5/6 cabins- Five or seven crew members who include a captain, an engineer, a hostess, a cook and one or three sailors


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