A Digital vaccine passport will be a game-changer not just for tourism but for live events and schools.

For more than a year ago, the pandemic named the covid-19 has hit the whole world, and the people across the globe are affected due to it, no matter which part of the world they live in. The whole way of living has been changed in most parts of the world, and people are eagerly waiting for everyday life to come back that they used to have before the pandemic.

Right now, While testing and vaccine reduce the risk of spreading the virus but they don’t eliminate it.

All the life activities have been affected, and many countries have experienced partial to complete lockdowns where the people were forced to stay confined to their houses as the spread of the diseases was linked to social interaction.

Although many vaccines and medical treatments have been tried and tested for the coronavirus, the threat that the virus’s spread poses lives. Several companies and health organizations have been working on this issue to provide some solution to a better and safe post-pandemic life.

Why is there a need for a digital health passport?

Travelling has also been positively affected by the Covid-19, and people can get more travel as comfortable as they could before the pandemic hit the world. The chance of getting the virus from some other traveler is pretty high in the airports because people from various parts of the world gather at the airport.

This is why a digital passport has been introduced for travelers, which keeps the record of the travelers’ medical tests and keeps it safe for the airport staff to check and work on it.

How can a digital health passport work? Aren’t there any risks?

Many airports like Rome and pairs and Singapore have established booths in which the travelers’ swab test is taken, and they have to wait for the result that they can have within half an hour of their test. The doctor gives the doctor’s result in the form of a unique QR code specific for each person, and there is no chance of cheating on it.

All the travelers have to do is download the app named AOKpass on their phones and enter their personal information, such as their name and birth date. With that specific information, the result would be locked in the form of a QR code that would be check at the time of arrival and at the time of boarding. This would save the time of the airport staff that they would otherwise have to spend on individually asking and checking each traveler, and the chances for the scamming are reduced to zero as well.

More about the AOKpass

This is an authenticated, secure, and portable but digital copy of your medical records that you can take with you while you are on the go. The medical professionals approve these results, and only you can access them with the QR code.

With the other methods of the Covid-19 testing, it was observed in some parts of India and Singapore that the positivity of the result was known to the people, and they became hateful towards the affected people. On the other hand, the medical results’ privacy and security are the primary concern for using this digital health passport. So you can get your results known to the staff at the airport, school or other public places, without having to face the wrath of the people around.

It is a trusted digital solution for people’s medical records because it does not allow other people to access any information without you authenticating it. So get the AOK pass app installed on your phone today and enjoy hassle-free traveling even in the days of the pandemic. FAQ on AOK pass.

With COVID-19 health information beginning to use in the transactional sense!


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