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Top Ten Beaches in Turkey as Named by Trip Advisor

The Traveller’s Choice Awards is a list of beaches selected by people who use Trip Advisor. This selection happens every year, and it provides critical information to avid travellers. More specifically, it helps them choose the best spots for a vacation. For example, here are the top-ranked beaches in Turkey.


  1. The Cleopatra Beach in Alanya (Antalya Province)

This beach is full of clean white sand. Some traditions say that Cleopatra imported the sand from an Egyptian desert. That could be true because you cannot find that type of sand in other beaches in Turkey. Visit this beautiful beach to see it for yourself.


  1. The Iztuzu Beach in Dalyan (Mugla Province)

This beach is one of the nesting grounds of the loggerhead turtle. It is a majestic creature whose skin color ranges from yellow to brown while the shell is red Unfortunately, it is an endangered species as well. That is why specific areas of this beach are inaccessible during their breeding seasons.


  1. The Icmeler Beach in Aegean (Mugla Province)

The landscape is breathtaking. At the back of the beach, you will see the Taurus Mountains. At the front of it, you will see the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is renowned for its water sports activities including ringo and banana rides in addition to jet skiing.


  1. The Oludeniz Beach in Fethiye (Mugla Province)

Oludeniz means the Dead Sea when translated literally. People say that it is dead because of its calm waters. In fact, they are gentle even when a storm hits this part of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. This calmness makes it an ideal beach for swimming activities, scuba diving, and paragliding.


  1. The Kaputas Beach in Kalkan (Antalya Province)

It lies between two resort towns, i.e., Kas and Kalkan. That makes it an ideal spot for party hoppers who like to move from one location to another. It has crystal blue waters, and it is one of the most photographed beaches in Turkey.


  1. The Cirali Beach in Kemer (Antalya Province)

The ancient city of Olympos is twenty kilometers away from this beach. You can visit this world-famous city to view its ruins. Then you can head for the Cirali beach to swim for the rest of the day. You can enjoy its landscape as well. It has blue waters with a view of Mt. Tahtali in the background.


  1. The Patara Beach in Lycia (Antalya Province)

It sits on the Turkish Riviera. It is the longest beach in the country stretching for more than eighteen kilometers. It lies near the ancient city of Patara. Greek mythology claims that the founder of this city was one of Apollo’s sons, and his name was Patarus.


  1. The Lara Beach in Karacalli (Antalya Province)

Some people refer to it as the Las Vegas of Turkey. That is because some of the most significant hotels in the country are near this beach. These five-star hotels cater to the revelers who come to enjoy eight kilometers of beach that Lara beach offers.


  1. The Main Beach in Altinkum Province

Altinkum is a Greek word that means golden sands. That gives you an idea of the remarkable beauty of this beach. You can also find restaurants, shops, and bars along the beach. Moreover, buses and taxis are readily available if you want to the ruins of the city of Didyma or the Temple of Apollo.


  1. The Konyaalti Beach in Antalya Province

This beach stretches for seven kilometers. It has a remarkable view of the Bagdarli Mountains. Its beauty and clear waters make it one of the top destinations for anyone who wants to visit the Turkish Riviera.

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