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Turkey Gulets!

What is a gulet charter? Gulet is a traditional motor sailing vessel made almost out of wood. This is a completely a relaxation cruising in the Mediterranean sea. Gulet charter is famous in turkey since that is where its origin is from. You can find these beautiful Turkey gulets in Mediterranean waters also in Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Spain and Italy. These luxuries charters propelled by engine power but it also act as a sail boat if the wind is blowing appropriately.

Turkey Gulets attract many tourists from all over the world for summer vacation. You can find more than five thousand gulets sailing in Mediterranean waters in every year. Every one says this is the “perfect relaxed luxurious vacation” you can ever imagine. The excitement, relaxation, exploring, swimming in crystal clear water fresh food and on board water activities is always unique on gulet charter.

Luxurious Turkey Gulets

These gulets come with variety of sizes up to 20m small gulets to more than 24-35m large luxurious vessels. These vessels called  many different names Italian called it “guletta” and gouëlette or goélette in French). The gulets are stocked with every possible luxury you can imagine. Luxury gulet charter turkey and Gulet charter is for the people seek maximum comfort on this turquoise waters. These vessels come with many different price categories according to the comfort and the luxury. Find out turkey gulets for your preferred destination in Mediterranean and to your preferred price.

Some times it can be difficult to choose the right Turkish gulet to charter. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore, if you can find the right professional service provider, with a throughout customer service, booking a gulet until you aboard. The service provider does everything according to your wishes and requirements. Find out a selected fleet for luxury gulet charter solutions.

Here is a tip! are you willing to plan your gulet charter turkey vacation one year head!! You can get good chance of getting a better price & facilities from the company for your preferred luxury gulet.

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Choose your gulet cruise itinerary, port of boarding and activities and check out pricing. 

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