Exotic Cruises

Exotic Cruises

Cruising with beautiful sailing yacht or in a great catamaran gives you the thrill of true sailing. Especially in fascinating places like unspoiled beaches, colourful warm sea and coral reefs. We offer carefully selected sailing yachts and catamarans to fit for your wishes and needs, these beautiful motor sailors and catamarans are available for cabin charter also.

Among sailing enthusiast, the most popular destination surely is the Caribbean Sea. Caribbean sailing offers exotic rich colours, fragrances, lush vegetation, white beaches, clear waters and colourful corals. You can navigate between the old routes of the pirates, like TortugaSt. Barth, Cuba, Martinique, British Virgin Islands, Antigua, St. Martin and Guadeloupe.

In the Indian Ocean there are the most beautiful and famous islands. Mauritius with its white and pristine beaches, surrounded by a turquoise sea, lush vegetation and sky scraping mountains with scenic waterfalls with crystal clear water. Maldives, for those who are looking for a gentle climate, amazing sea life, and deserted white sandy beaches. You cannot ask for a better destination! Seychelles for their perfect beautiful sea and nature.

Our exotic cruises sailing are in the Pacific Ocean as well. The most popular island for honeymooners is Polynesia, where all the feelings are involved: valleys with lush vegetation, emerald green, fragrant tiarè flowers, enchanted lagoons and white sandy beaches with corals and colourful fish. Australia is famous for its large coral reef and the unexplored New Caledonia. Enthusiast of the east can navigate with the scents and traditions of Thailand, Malaysia and Bali.
Other beautiful areas for cruising are Bahamas, Florida and Mexico.

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