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Florian A.


Apart from the delay we were very happy with the boat and the team. George, the captain, was an excellent chef and he and Kelly were very helpful. The boat is very nice and was exactly what we had in mind.

Exclusive gulet cruise in Greece.

Mark L


We are having a wonderful time. Maurizio, Luca and Laetitia are being fantastic hosts, the boat is so beautiful. We are in heaven!

Gulet charter in Italy Mar & Mar Italia

Julie W


We had a fantastic time on the Donna Marisa. The Aeolian islands were magnificent. Thank you for all your help.

Cabin charter in Italy.



Suggested places very interesting, kitchen on board attentive and taken care of, comfortable cabins, with private bathroom, always in order and clean, well designed navigation both in function of tourism on land and of bathing in the sea and crew ...... 'amazing '!
The whole crew was very professional, kind, polite, affable and extremely available, four people who were able to give the holiday that 'something extra' that was not at all taken for granted, but that eventually made the difference, making this week also a very pleasant experience in interpersonal relationships.
Positive note also for the preliminary organization of the trip, the Booking Secretariat was impeccable, everything ran as smooth as oil. An applause to all and a big THANK YOU for this wonderful holiday, it was nice to meet you and spend time together, we hope to have other future opportunities to sail with you again!

Anna .C


Cruise on Gokova Gulf

Our experience on the Ayla Sultan gulet has been very positive. In particular, in our opinion, the crew from the captain to the helpers, including the cook, always kind and available to any request, was in our opinion. The food abounded and the quality was excellent. The gulet has canoes. The whole nature itinerary has satisfied us. Detox week. Even the assistance of wondergulets that can be reached via whatsapp has been flawless. Will do agian.

Giorgio M


Here I am with a short and hopefully useful judgment. For us this was the fourth time of a gulet holiday and I must say that we had a great time with the other guests and equally with the crew members. All very good. Great professionalism of the captain and availability of the other members. Antonio, who was our reference, served us, listened and suggested what to do and where to go. A very good cook, a 72-year-old gentleman who has always been very busy and has worked hard to meet our expectations. About the route the program was fully respected even though we found the islands and the sea of Croatia below our expectations.
The gulet was not comfortable in the common areas as well as other gulets we have tried in the past but still more than acceptable as a whole. Impeccable cleanliness and order. A gulet vacation is always a wonderful experience.
Wonderglulets from Milan followed us before, during and after the cruise with accurate, timely documentation, details and information.

Source : Tripadvisor


Lucio C


Extremely positive opinion. We were only four passengers, so our cruise took place as if we had our own boat. In the early days he was on board "the shipowner" with two very pleasant boys (his son and a school friend who spoke excellent English) while for the whole period a French gentleman (partner of the shipowner) remained with us and subsequently his twenty-year-old daughter studying at the Sorbonne; All people of superior culture with whom it was very pleasant to spend time.

The shipowner came to greet us on the day of departure even though it was early in the morning, a trained crew also managing difficult situations (docking with a very strong wind and a decision to abandon a port at 4.00 am due to a fire that was actually going along the coast) Praise also for the good cook and for the "handyman butler".

The boat is well restored except for some small flaws in the plant that I think will provide to fix during the next winter storage. Experience to be repeated and recommended to friends and acquaintances. 

Cabin Cruise- Turkey

Nicoletta G


Wonderful week at the Pontine Islands with the Arcadia caique, a very comfortable boat with attention to every detail. Captain Antonio and his team are wonderful, competent people with a focus on customer care and his rare needs.

Absolutely recommended vacation !! The Wondergulets agency has proven itself as reliable and professional as ever.

Cabin Cruise- Italy


Samuele Q


An unforgettable holiday. I recommend it to all those who want to take a luxury holiday but at sustainable prices. It's been so long since I was considering a holiday on a boat with friends or relatives, the celebration of 70 years, my father (who also kindly offered us the trip) was an opportunity for the whole family for a wonderful holiday in boat.

For us it was the first time in Turkey, and I must say that it was a very pleasant discovery. The sea, the architecture, the colors are very reminiscent of the very near Greece, of which the Turkish coasts have absolutely nothing to envy. I will tell you, indeed, that perhaps the Turks are more efficient than the Greeks.

The organization of the trip by the agency was perfect. The agency in fact took care of everything by wire and by sign, taking care of transfers, to the galley, up to clarify any doubts and help us in all of our needs.

In addition to the pleasantness of the places and the good climate, we were free to enjoy the holiday without any other concern and this is to be considered the true "added value", which sometimes makes the difference between a good and an excellent holiday.

Speaking of the crew that hosted us, they too were very helpful from day one. I highly recommend it.

Charter in Turkey

Mara P


Hello everyone, I have just returned from a dream vacation in the coasts of Turkey, through the agency WONDERGULETS I rented a Gulet to take a 10-day cruise with two other pairs of friends, it was a really beautiful vacation.

The very professional and friendly agency, upon our arrival they were waiting for the welcome and the presentation of the trip, very important this because they speak Italian and so it was all easier. Gulet wonderful, quality correct price and splendid crew, available and cordial.

On board we have always eaten very well, excellent cleanliness and fabulous places visited, certainly a holiday to recommend to adults. Every day we visit new places, small bays with turquoise sea and in the solitude of the place the tranquility of being able to swim and be serene, to do something different we went to the ground a few times and we saw small characteristic and beautiful villages.

An indispensable thing, to choose the right traveling companions, with the right confidence, with whom to live this experience. Thank you

Charter in Turkey