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Giorgio S. from Italy


The gulet was perfect. Crew was very valid, kind and available; Captain was safe and reassuring. Excellent, abundant and varied the food and seafood. The places, as you know, beautiful. One suggestion to avoid complaints that I felt would be to include the cleaning of cabins and toilets. Unfortunately, our cook the morning of the landing fell and broke two fingers. It will paid by next guests. Thanks for your interest, to sum up our report of the cruise is like 5 stars

Cabin cruise Italy/Aeolian Islands 14/21 July 2018

Giovanni S. from Italy


The cruise was very well. The itinerary is fine and the navigation times are suitable. Service on board is more than good. Especially, remarkable was the behavior of the Captain who, following a lunch on board not really good because food low quality, offered surprise dinner to everyone. All the crew was always very helpful but I would like to mention the sailor who has always helped my wife and me (over 70 and not light) in the embarking/disembarking from the ladder and the tender, an operation that is not always easy with a sea moved.

Allow me to suggest that in the contract, as some cruise ships do, the exact tip amount to pay to the crew. Agreements could then be made with local tour operators to propose excursions (optional) on the ground.

Cabin cruise Italy/Amalfi coasts 7/14 July 2018

Elena V. from Italy


The cruise went very well and we are very satisfied. The only conditions that have not been respected are the daily tidying of the cabins that occurred only during the 2 last days, and some less stop during navigation, but I cannot complain about anything as overall was a wonderful holiday. Thanks for all the previous support that was absolutely perfect.

Cabin cruise Italy/Aeolian Islands 30 June/7 July 2018

Alison R. from United Kingdom


We enjoyed our trip on board. The Italian crew and other passengers made us welcome and the crew were always helpful. The boat was as expected (including the cabin) and the food was very good. The weather unfortunately was not on our side and at times the sea was rough. We would have liked to spend more time on shore (and had expected the boat to dock each night rather than anchor away from shore). The other passengers were happy just going into the local town for dinner.

Cabin cruise Italy/Aeolian Islands - 16/23 June 2018

Georgina - Hungarian Travel Agency


First of all I would like to thank you for your tremendous and fantastic work! Yesterday evening I could speak with Mr. János and he is very satisfied. He told me that the boat was very nice and the staff was the dearest he ever met. I hope we have lots of common works in the future! 

Gulet WG TO 001 navigation areaTurkey & Greece

Nicoletta G. from Italy


Good morning, our cruise went very well. Brand new boat equipped with every comfort and perfect technical equipment. Crew extremely prepared and professional but at the same time spontaneous and available. Mention aside for the agency on the ground that was also organized(Ryanair lost our luggage, we boarded the same on time, they went to the airport the next day and they had us luggage at the port of the first stop). Food and drinks in quantity and of good quality, nothing was missing. Add to this that the other guests on board was very nice, and here is that the holiday was really perfect. I would certainly consider this Ship Owner company for the future, it seems very serious. Thank you for your support, we'll be back soon to see if we can do a last minute boarding if the job allows it.

Cabin cruise Spain/Balearic Islands 23/30 June 2018

Alberto C. - Italy


excellent experience
Tour, crew, food. the only drawback was the gulet – traditional wooden planking is very noisy. this did detract a little pleasure to sleep at night.

Stefano M. - Italy


The comfort on board was excellent, I was struck by the total relaxation, by the spacious on board. The crew was very good, always careful to our needs and polite. The food on board was decent about quality and variety, meanwhile the preparation was good. About the itinerary, I suggest to sail a bit more simply. I think to repeat this experience surely!

Charter in Turkey/Hisaronu Gulf

Alberto A. - Spain


Everything was excellent,  I liked everything about the boat, crew, and food. I was happy with everything and I might repeat cruise on this motor sailer if next year is in another area or things get solve in Greece. The only negative thing and is something that can be solved. Is that just one person of the crews speaks English, so the conversation with the crew was a little bit difficult, but I believe is just a constructive critic.

Charter in Greece/Ionian Islands

Roberto L. -Italy


Excellent “traditional” Gulet about comfort, clearing and safety. Excellent skill and courtesy of the crew (very careful to our needs, polite). Good food about variety and preparation, quality is been excellent.  thanks again to Wondergulets for suggestions, courtesy and efficiency.

Charter in Greece/Dodecaneso islands.