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Alberto C. - Italy


excellent experience
Tour, crew, food. the only drawback was the gulet – traditional wooden planking is very noisy. this did detract a little pleasure to sleep at night.

Stefano M. - Italy


The comfort on board was excellent, I was struck by the total relaxation, by the spacious on board. The crew was very good, always careful to our needs and polite. The food on board was decent about quality and variety, meanwhile the preparation was good. About the itinerary, I suggest to sail a bit more simply. I think to repeat this experience surely!

Charter in Turkey/Hisaronu Gulf

Alberto A. - Spain


Everything was excellent,  I liked everything about the boat, crew, and food. I was happy with everything and I might repeat cruise on this motor sailer if next year is in another area or things get solve in Greece. The only negative thing and is something that can be solved. Is that just one person of the crews speaks English, so the conversation with the crew was a little bit difficult, but I believe is just a constructive critic.

Charter in Greece/Ionian Islands

Roberto L. -Italy


Excellent “traditional” Gulet about comfort, clearing and safety. Excellent skill and courtesy of the crew (very careful to our needs, polite). Good food about variety and preparation, quality is been excellent.  thanks again to Wondergulets for suggestions, courtesy and efficiency.

Charter in Greece/Dodecaneso islands.

Chiara A. – Italy


Good morning!

We were surely happy of our cruise, despite the last days there was rough sea. The Captain and the crew are great, always studying itineraries and places to anchor to keep us safe from the wind. Really satisfied for that. South Corsica is obviously beautiful. If you really need to say that the catamaran is a bit old and needs to be refitted.... there are no shaded places to lie down and even during the day you navigate you can stay on the nets but you bathe a lot! Maybe it should need an awning, I don't know. The sofas are very uncomfortable because the backrest is 20 cm high and it does not relax. Just to comment on the boat. Everything else is fine. Cabin cruise South Corsica Thank you!

Cabin cruise in South Corsica.

Carlotta M. – Italy


Yesterday we disembarked and I must say that, apart the drawbacks I had already reported, the week was great. Above all I have to say that the crew, especially Captain, were very good and kind.
Thanks for everything. A good greeting.

Charter in Spain/Balearic Islands.

Carlo A. – Italy


Perfect crew

Great food and wine

Beautiful boat

Wonderful places

All simple fantastic!

Charter in Greece/Ionian Islands.

Patrizia S. - Italy


Good morning, about our Gulet cruise in Amalfi Coast in July I would like to congratulate with you, because everything was great (cleaning/food/crew). Cabin cruise Italy/Amalfi Coast


Roberta P – Italy


Good Gulet (for comfort, cleaning, safety). The crew was excellent! They were careful about our needs, competent and available. Also the food on board was excellent Aeolian Islands are really lovely. Cabin cruise Italy/Aeolian Islands.

Mr. Don D - Boston, Massachusetts - USA


My wife and I had a most excellent time on the Lady Christa. We had the master cabin and it was perfect. The room size was just right and the woodworking in the room and on the boat was very nice. The layout of the boat also was very good.

The crew on the Lady Christa was outstanding. Oscar was excellent as the ship’s captain. We felt very secure with him has the captain. Christina did a magnificent job with cooking. All of her meals were excellent. I am allergic to seafood and she did an excellent job always making sure that I was satisfied with the non-seafood meal that she made for me. Carmelo was most helpful and his navigation skills on the small boat that took us ashore were excellent.
Our trip was most memorable. 

Charter in - Aeolian Islands - Italy  Tripadvisor review