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Operating from Turkey/Italy under CE/international standards

Origin and models

Turkey enjoys this thriving market of this particular type of boat called Gulet which is known all over the world with different names such as Gulets, Gullet, Goulet and in France it is famous as Goulette, in Spain it is Goleta and in Italy as Caicco.
This traditional motor sailor in the past was completely built of wood and was used by Turkish locals as a fishing boat. After the changes occurred over past decades it is now used as a pleasure vessel, by adding luxury and safety. This vessel is a Motor Sailer, mainly powered by the engine and the sails only used as a support. In fact on the ratio of the engines(measured in HP) and sailing area (measured in square meters), the result of motorization is superior to 50%.  
These boats are very distinguished, in proportion to their size, it comprises with wide outdoor and indoor space, large awnings with comfortable cushions and aft sun-deck, sizable tables for meals. Including big tanks for water, fuel and black waters.

Classic models

Gulet, with round stern, the classic one, with a classic sleek line and very stylish, with large cushions and stern also with the rig, ketch or schooner. The length may vary from 16 to 50 meters.
Aynakiç, flat stern that allows greater use of the internal spaces being able to obtain a wide cabin. The rig is generally a ketch. The measurement may vary from 16 to 50 meters.
Tirhandil, stern and bow to the edge at the same height. This model enables a better sailing performance. Generally equipped with a single mast, elegant in size of not more than 19 meters.


Luxury Gulet category: this Gulet has twin engines, good sailing equipment with modernity and comfort  assembled  with full navigation equipment. Most of them has the hull in laminated, sometimes in steel, up to length of 50 m. The interior spaces offers elegant classic and modern design, cabins always are large, maximum 5 to 6 and equipped with comfortable, independent panel control of air conditioning system, large compartments for better storage facilities for clothing and personal items, flat TV and DVD, large bathrooms with shower cubicles, often with a Jacuzzi bathtub. These Gulet comply with EU possessing marking “EC”  or other classifications. The Gulet in this category have a significant cost. We recommend you to use this as a private charter or  commercially for demanding clients.

Superior Gulet category: this Gulet offers extensive cabins that have attached bathrooms with shower cubicles. They are well furnished and have proper sail riggings, one or two engines, generator, air conditioning system, refrigerators and deep freezers. These types of Gulet are sometimes made in fine woods and materials similar to European standards. They are often facilitated for various water sports. The price of this category still remains very reasonable compared to Europeans prices. The Superior Gulet has average costs and suitable for private and commercial use.

Standard Gulet category: this type of a Gulet is existence for long time. It has only one engine and  it is not always a marine engine, often without air conditioning and deep freezers. The hull ,deck and the wooden bridge are usually made of pine, sometimes it can be marinized sometimes not, interior is very simple and fitted with essential furniture. Usually we do not recommend to purchase a standard type Gulet for private use or even commercially. Since it does not represent a source of income unless you want to deal with a large expense for adaptation.

Materials of the hulls

Laminate hull: The structural parts and hull are built according to this technology. The tree trunk, generally in mahogany, is divided into strips, dried and selected for their quality and then joined together to make boards of calibrated thickness. Afterwards, they are packed together and glued with epoxy resins to form the beams. The mechanical resistance of this type of wood is much greater than solid wood, due to the selection of the planks and to the elimination of all the defectiveness which not compatible with their structural use. As well as the use of synthetic glue with its high resistance to both mechanical and durability. This hull doesn't need ordinary yearly maintenance. 

Steel hull: An alternative to laminate hull, some Turkish shipyards in the recent years have become more specialized in the construction of Gulet with steel hulls. Deck house, bridge and interior furnishing of high quality wood. The result in terms of safety and aesthetics outlook is very good and there is a great decrease in maintenance cost as well. The existing market offers  few steel hull Gulet but they large in size.  

Traditional planking: the structure in wood, is covered with planks in pine or of higher quality wood such as teak, iroko and mahogany nailed and caulked to weatherproof the hull. This type of hull requires a constant and careful annual maintenance. We suggest anyone who is interested in the purchase of this particular kind of hull to be very careful, as should the boat have not been regularly maintained, they could have serious problems with the hull. In the last years, this type of Gulet have been offered  even to the other Mediterranean countries as second hand boats, to a higher price as they are already renewed and registered in Europe.