SO How to plan your Gulet cruise vacation ?

We can direct you to the right place. Lets start from these basic and important steps and guidelines.

  •  First of all where do you want to charter your gulet? Is it in Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Spain or Italy.
  •  Lets see, what is the category that you are looking for? Is it a luxury, superior or Standard Gulet?
  • Of course the budget!! It will be according to your desired charter category and your period of sailing. Here is a tip, Lowest season to book your gulet is May and October, so you will find the lowest prices on Gulet charter in this period. Mid price rangers are in June and September.  Then the prices goes high in July and October.  But we always give our clients many Gulet travel offers and  discounts.
  • You can select the route you wish to navigate. Here are some tips from Wondergulets Group to choose the best route and why?

Explore Turkey – Routes

Explore Croatia – Routes

Explore Greece  –Routes

Explore Spain      –Routes

Explore Italy        –Routes

  • Our Gulet charter fleet is carefully selected. We can proudly say that we have the best gulets in the world. All gulets are with crew who we personally know them.
  • We have a dedicated page for each gulet. It has all the details about the gulet, prices range, routes , useful information and etc…
  • You must be having more questions

Do you want a classic or a modern type gulet?  Are you with kids?  Sport equipment on board? About Food? Other information you wish to know.

We help you decide. Start planning your gulet cruise today. Just inquire us with your questions. We have the perfect solution.




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    If you are looking for a new kind of adventure with your family and children or with you friend group, a gulet adventure in Turkey is definitely the right one for you. This kind of trip guarantees that you will enjoy every bit of it—from the splendid swims in Turkey’s clear blue seas to the magnificent walks along the coastlines. In signing up for Turkey gulet cruises, you will surely enjoy the mouthwatering taste of Mediterranean cuisine.

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    im going to turkey on hoalidy with my wife and two kids.its the first time were going in to turkey and i was abit worried about it, cause people were telling me that the turkish men are really sleazy and they try and touch up your women,also they get really aggressive if you don’t go in to there shops to look,and they all carry knifes about with them.we are going to altincum.i basically want every one to enjoy there hoalidy and not feel insecure.

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