About Corsica

Corsica, popularly known by the French as “lie de beauté” or simply island of beauty is definitely one of the best islands to visit in Europe if you love you some Mediterranean weather, gulfs, long sandy coastlines and rocky beaches. This mini-continent offers you warm summer seasons, 40 different varieties of orchids, rare moss and lichens, fine hiking trails and of course the ever delicious French cuisine. Its long coastlines exhibit several deep bays, coves and picturesque coves. It is simply the ultimate land and sea destination in Europe. A visit to this preserved island will expose you to hidden natural resources through Nationals Parks like Bonifacio in the south and Scandola Northwest Marine Reserve.

Corsica is not only about the waters and sandy beaches, but is also home to a very rich cultural heritage with different historic villages and exotic architecture in places such as Ajaccio where the French Emperor Napoleon the 1st was born. Besides the picturesque monuments scattered all over the island, Corsica (Corse) is home to the finest European hiking trail that leads you through all the sight-worthy places therein.

Corsica (Corse) is holding a vital water culture as well. If you are a catamaran sailing enthusiast Corsica is the place to be, then you will not find any other comparison to this charter paradise. There is simply no shortage of charter programmes ranging from cabin charters in catamarans with crew. We offer different charter types to help you cruise through the island and enjoy its beauties. Whether you are looking for cabins on Catamarans or Gulets, onboard leisure and sports and the best Mediterranean island cuisine, Corsica is the destination to book the next time you are going for a vacation.

As Charter types we do offer cabin charter, programmes on Catamarans South Corsica and North Corsica

The cruise onboard Gulet in Corsica is natural way for those who visit this island always seem to trace their way back with more of their friends who want to share the beauties of cool waters. Onboard sporting and leisure activities are in abundance. Cabin charter programmes in Gulets starting from La Maddalena Archipelago embarking & disembarking from Cannigione touching Corsica 

Corsica attracts all kinds of people including singles, couples, kids and families. It is one of the safe heavens you will find as there lacks no fun adventures and no frowning faces are witnessed in this island. The weather is perfect all year long, the food exquisite, sceneries are memorable. If you have never been to the island of beauty, then you have a lot to experience especially for catamarans. Sailing onboard Catamarans in Corsica to suit your needs and everything else is according to your own liking rather than inflexible pre-arranged cruises. There is everything you need from a park to a beach, monuments to nightlife hangouts, flower gardens to relaxation spas and you name the rest!