Client Reviews

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Carlo C. – Italy


we are very satisfied for the cruise. Excellent crew, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and excellent chef.
The weather was bad on Sunday and uncertain Thursday and Friday but overall the experience was good thanks to a good itinerary.

Gulet WG CC 003 navigation area Croatia and Montenegro

Sandrine G. – Spain


We had a wonderful time on the gulet cruise.the crew members , captain, cooker and helps were amazing, kind , helpful and friendly. Food was good I would love to repeat.

Cabin Cruise Turkey/Turquoise Coast

Giorgia D. – Italy


The judgment is completely positive, especially for the gulet, splendid, as for the service offered by the crew.
The beauty of the Aeolian Islands is indisputable. So fully satisfied with the holiday.

Cabin cruise Italy/Aeolian islands

Pierfrancesco V. – Italy


we were very happy with the cruise, the boat (in line with expectations and adequate for a comfortable holiday), the crew, food and places visited. In particular, the crew has always been available, smiling and discreet.
We therefore wanted to thank her for the competence and professionalism with which she organized and followed the holiday.

Gulet WG TC 003 navigation areaTurkey & Greece

Francesca B. from Italy


comfortable boat, nice tour and prepared and kind crew. A special thanks to 'Giorgio' because always attentive and to 'Carlo' the chef, for his excellent cuisine and sympathy!! The other guests were also a pleasant company.

We also traveled in the company of dolphins: show!! For a weakness: I would have liked to dock with the boat in Hvar to have the opportunity to get off independently without depending on taxis, have the opportunity to swim in Bol and maybe the last night to get to Stobrec in the evening and not in the afternoon. In summary a nice holiday!

Cabin cruise Croatia/Dalmatian Islands 28 July/4 August 2018

Giovanni M. – Italy


We thank you for the advice and support provided, and we confirm our satisfaction with the quality of the Gulet and the courtesy and helpfulness of the crew.

Gulet WG TE 005 navigation areaTurkey,Greece

Anna F. – Italy


We had traumatic return, after a wonderful week !!!
We all had a great time, we loved the boat, really beautiful. The crew was up, I must say especially Hakan, if we can make a special mention for him, because he is a person of rare courtesy and attention, which made the stay even better. Unfortunately we were not lucky with the wind that made us deviate the planned route, but we still had a lot of fun. Hoping to be able to repeat next year, I wish you a good day and thank you for all the service rendered

Gulet WG TE 009 Navigation areaTurkey & Greece

Giorgio S. from Italy


The gulet was perfect. Crew was very valid, kind and available; Captain was safe and reassuring. Excellent, abundant and varied the food and seafood. The places, as you know, beautiful. One suggestion to avoid complaints that I felt would be to include the cleaning of cabins and toilets. Unfortunately, our cook the morning of the landing fell and broke two fingers. It will paid by next guests. Thanks for your interest, to sum up our report of the cruise is like 5 stars

Cabin cruise Italy/Aeolian Islands 14/21 July 2018

Giovanni S. from Italy


The cruise was very well. The itinerary is fine and the navigation times are suitable. Service on board is more than good. Especially, remarkable was the behavior of the Captain who, following a lunch on board not really good because food low quality, offered surprise dinner to everyone. All the crew was always very helpful but I would like to mention the sailor who has always helped my wife and me (over 70 and not light) in the embarking/disembarking from the ladder and the tender, an operation that is not always easy with a sea moved.

Allow me to suggest that in the contract, as some cruise ships do, the exact tip amount to pay to the crew. Agreements could then be made with local tour operators to propose excursions (optional) on the ground.

Cabin cruise Italy/Amalfi coasts 7/14 July 2018

Elena V. from Italy


The cruise went very well and we are very satisfied. The only conditions that have not been respected are the daily tidying of the cabins that occurred only during the 2 last days, and some less stop during navigation, but I cannot complain about anything as overall was a wonderful holiday. Thanks for all the previous support that was absolutely perfect.

Cabin cruise Italy/Aeolian Islands 30 June/7 July 2018