According to the ports of embarkation and disembarkation defined, once you aboard to our Gulet afterward listening to the suggestions of the captain, you can decide your route. The crew, discreet and professional, their goal is to keep your privacy and comfort at its best, will make your holiday truly unique.
Generally, the cruise departs from Ibiza, which is the most famous in Balearic archipelago, characterized by its atmosphere, its cosmopolitan environment and extravagant. Ibiza is rarely remembered for its natural beauty and for its breathtaking landscapes because its fame is almost traced back to the nightlife with its trendy bars. But the island is surrounded by the beautiful Sun, Sea and sand with perfect nature to discover. One’s Ibiza was called “Island of Salt” for the presence of Saline (Ses Salines) now it is a park which is recognized as a World natural Heritage Site. The navigation continues to Formentera a small and quiet island with fringed shores of a large number of beaches and small secluded coves, some of which are rich in caves. The last of the navigation and the largest island of Majorca with its pleasing beautiful beaches, traditions with rich cultural heritage makes your holiday in a Gulet unforgettable.