South Corsica

Corsica (Corse Island) and enjoy viewing the rugged mountains and soft sandy beaches being 4th largest island in the Mediterranean, Corsica is a French island covered with two-thirds of rugged mountains. This island will enchant you with due historic port cities, rocks, cliffs and quiet hillside villages.  This the perfect South Corsica (Corse) Catamaran cabin charter route starting from Ajaccio, crossing to Valinco Gulf, Bonifacio, Lavezzi islands, Propiano. This cabin charter programme enclose with kayaking, snorkelling and swimming in unspoilt water and more.

The detailed route will be explained by the Captain upon embarkation. This can be changed at anytime due to safety reasons, weather conditions and logistics. The route may not follow the sequence of stops as described

1st day

Embarking in Ajaccio in late afternoon and departure around 6 pm to Sainte Barbe in Ajaccio Bay, dinner and night on board.

2nd day

Breakfast on board and setting sails to the Gulf of Valinco which beauty has been sung in many Cosican traditional songs.  Mooring in Porto Pollo for lunch after sailing around the reefs of Taravu with nautical activities, relaxation. After lunch, route to the Gulf of Valinco and the bay of Campo Moro. The town of Campo Moro was originally a simple fishermen village made of a few grey granite houses. It has kept its genuine and authentic charm. Ashore, you will find a few bars, restaurants and shops. Visite of the bastion, located on the headland of Campo Moro. This historical site has been entirely restored and displays the unspoiled architecture of a fortified Genoese building. Dinner and overnight on board.

3rd day

Breakfast on board and route to Sénétose and its magnificent wild moorings, lunch in Arana cove with nautical activities, relaxation. Departure to Bonifacio. The whole coast after Acula, is indented with tiny fjords. On Roccapina headland, a heap of rocks looks like a lion lying down. Arrival late afternoon in the pearl of South Corsica: Bonifacio, so beautiful as spectacular! Entering the port of Bonifacio is very impressive because the harbor is dominated by a huge cliff, on which is located the fortified city. Dinner and overnight on board.

4th day

After breakfast, departure to the Lavezzi islands. The extraordinary aspect of this heap of rocks gives the feeling that we’re back to the Stone Age. This marine and ground sanctuary mainly protects a rare specy of seagulls that nest within the vast rocks, as well as countless fish in turquoise waters. The boulders, piling up high, shape small inside rooms which walls are polished by erosion. Lunch in this heavenly mooring, then swimming and nautical activities. Mooring in Piana island, a natural reserve where the waters are so limpid that one can see the white sandy bottom, 3 or 4 meters deep. Dinner and overnight on board.

5th day

After breakfast, relaxing and snorkeling in a natural aquarium. Lunch on board and route to Roccapina and its small cove, dominated by its “lion”. Dinner and overnight on board.

6th day

Nautical activities and relaxing after breakfast on board. Departure to Propriano after lunch. Saling along the coasts for the Gulf of Valinco and arrival in Propriano. The shore is boarded by houses around this typical Corsican harbor, lively with many bars and restaurants. The town is absolutely charming and not too crowded even in high season. Visit of the village, shopping. Dinner and overnight on board in Propriano.

7th day

After breakfast on board, setting sail in the morning to Ajaccio, with a call in front of the Isolella tower. Lunch at mooring in front of a nice beach where you will have a good time kayaking, snorkeling and swimming, prior departing to Ajaccio. Arrival in Ajaccio late afternoon, visit of the city. You will appreciate its historical and napoleonian background, or simply enjoy the lively quays. Dinner and overnight on board in Ajaccio.

8th day

After breakfast, disembarking until 9.00 am

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