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Operating from Turkey/Italy under CE/international standards

Purchasing and Management of Gulet

Over the past years, the nautical market in Turkey has grown strongly and there are many shipyards involved with Gulet constructions. For an inexperienced buyer who is new to the field, going through estimates, managing permits, materials and anything else required can be risky, difficult and may lead to tricky deals. Having the knowledge and international prestige gained in working for more than 25 years in this specific sector, we have always selected only the best shipyards and boat owner companies, with whom we have a trustful and respectful relationship. We are also agents for some of them.
This allows us to check every step for the purchase or the construction of your Gulet and achieve a high level of quality and safety for your investment.

In this section you will find Gulet of different categories, sizes and prices. We highlight that we do not deal with old construction Gulet except rare cases, as most of the time it would lead us to several issues and difficulties in getting the necessary certifications when required.

The prices of a second hand Gulet are usually negotiable. We don’t make prices public as they differ from time to time according to boat owner companies. Instead, on each single request made from our clients, we confirm the prices. Thanks to our efficient team, we provide the real estimate and current conditions of each Gulet. The Gulet price doesn’t include all the other purchasing expenses, CE certification or others classifications.

The estimate for a new Gulet construction is directly handled and negotiated by us together with the Buyer and the Turkish shipyards.

With our on-site Company, experience and knowledge of the local bureaucracies, we are able to assist you throughout the purchasing process by informing you in real time about the cost and documentation.
Our consulting is very important in each step of the construction, as we prioritized selected shipyards only and we discuss and evaluate with you the best project. We supervise throughout the construction period to guarantee the launching time and the agreed costs.  
Our responsibility is to ensure that the shipyard comply with the technical specifications, according to the contract. The control of the quality of labour equipment and the products receive from each supplier is assigned to a professional supervisor chosen by the Buyer. 


For those who are interested in developing alternative investments, we offer consulting for commercial development and for managing the charter services. Our marketing team guarantees the access to potential clients all over the world.   
The Gulet can be a real investment, the purchase of one or more of these boats could create a real income. To make this happen, however you should evaluate many factors to avoid any kind of problem, especially for those who are not operating in this sector, such as management costs, the ratio of the value of the boat and its positioning.

To all those who are new to this sector and interested in starting this business but who don't have a commercial organization to operate in the charter business, Wondergulets Group is the best solution for you.
We work under complete privacy and we can offer the following services.

- Research and training of crew
- Charter management and Gulet positioning according to the market  
- Promotions and booking
- Fully insurance
- Financial administration
- Technical assistance and yearly maintenance  
- Free advice about conditions and prices of any Gulet

We provide effective support for you to manage and reduce the costs and increase the value of your investment!

Leasing and Insurance

A leasing is a contract renting to another subject. A lease guarantees the lessee (the renter) the use of a Gulet and guarantees the lessor (the property owner) regular payments for a specified number of months or years.

It is also possible to include different insurances and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance costs to the leasing contract.
At the end of the contract, the applicant may acquire full ownership of the Gulet by exercising his purchase option.   

The insurance policy we recommend, in addition to the mandatory Third Party Liability, provides
total coverage for loss, abandonment, expenses and reward for rescue, wreck removal costs imposed by the competent authorities, partial damage resulting from any incident (theft, fire, vandalism, robbery, piracy, stranding, collision and flooding), compensation for damages by fire, political events, taking care of any mechanical trouble, injury or illness of the people on board.