Transfer from Atatürk to Istanbul Airport to begin on April 5,2019

Transfer from Atatürk to Istanbul Airport to begin on April 5,2019


It is now clear that transfer activities from Ataturk Airport going to the newly Istanbul Airport is scheduled to start on date 5 April.

Earlier it had been announced to the public that the Airport would be fully operating on date 31 December 2018, however, this did not take place.

The operations date was further delayed due to unavoidable circumstances to date 3 March 2019. However, it has been confirmed that transfer will start at 3:00 a.m the local time on date 5 April and is estimated to last 45 hours up to 12:00 am on the date 7 April.

Amid the transfer time, the Istanbul Airport together with the Ataturk Airport will allow just the base carriers flights. Also, it has been stated that both Ataturk and Instanbul Airports will only allow 35 arrivals as well as 35 departures each per hour with a reduced capacity.

After the transfer has taken place, the Atatürk Airport will have a closed unscheduled and scheduled both international and domestic commercial passenger flights.

This means that it will only avail for cargo, maintenance, the air taxi, general aviation, state aircraft, business flights as well as other flights permitted and recognized by the Airports authority the DHM. A very clear message to all users.

Istanbul Airport has the capacity to welcome almost 90 million passengers annually after the first phase which was opened on date 29 October last year. After the second phase is completed by the year 2023, there will be a large increase in the number of visitors handled to 200 million.

This will really be a big number to compare with the current conditions and number of visitors.

The airport will be expected to host flights from 35o destinations worldwide making it a world hub since it will include Africa as well once completed.

It should come to your notice that the airport already has 2.5 million tons of cargo annually. This is intended to reach 5.5 million tons the moment all the phases are complete.