North Corsica

Corsica is a Mediterranean island that is featured among the 18 French regions. French call it “Corse” with vast astounding geographical diversity, this island is located south of Marseille and north of the Sardinia island. Corsica is characterised by warm weather and sunny beaches making it an ideal Catamaran holiday destination. Booking a Catamaran cabin cruise in Corsica (La Corse) opens up people to explore the unseen beauty of the country by sea. This is the perfect cabin charter route to explore the North Corsica embarking from Ajaccio. The island offers very beautiful and scenic views of the entire Mediterranean region, the amazing coastal cities, beaches and so on. The Corsicans have a rich culture that incorporates French and Italian cultures. The cuisine is also influenced by these two cultures. You can enjoy a wide range of foods, wines and even beer.

The detailed route will be explained by the Captain upon embarkation. This can be changed at anytime due to safety reasons, weather conditions and logistics. The route may not follow the sequence of stops as described

1st day

Embarking in Ajaccio in late afternoon and departure around 6 pm to Sainte Barbe in Ajaccio Bay, dinner and night on board.

2nd day

Breakfast on board and set sail to the bay of Sagone or Cargèse. Sagone is a small fisherman’s village hidden in the far end of a large bay bordered with a long white sandy beach. A few miles away, Cargèse is made of a harbor and a typical village, located in the heights. The town was long ago settled by a Greek colony. Lunch on board, nautical activities, relaxation, explore the village. Dinner and overnight on board.

3rd day

Breakfast on board and sailing alongside the wild coast and admiring its jagged heads and deep creeks, discovering Cala di Palù and its renowned stone totems, and eventually the typical "Sugarloaf". Mooring and lunch at the Swimming Pool, a creek fringed with sheer rocks. You will enjoy swimming, snorkelling or kayaking. After lunch, you will set sail to Les Calanques de Piana, a sight of vast caves, red, orange and pink, granite cliffs and spiky spiraling carved into amazing animal like rock formations and then to the Gulf of Porto, a classified World Heritage site by UNESCO. You will bypass Capo Cenino before reaching one of the natural marvels of Corsica: the Gulf of Girolata, its Genoese bastion and its fisherman’s village. Mooring for the night in Girolata creek. Dinner and overnight on board.

4th day

After breakfast, sail to the Scandola Natural Reserve. With its wild coast, bordered with tortured reefs and islets, the protected reserve of Scandola is one of the most beautiful geological phenomenons in Corsica. Only day mooring is permitted within the reserve, which allows a temporary visit, thanks to the tender, of this reef’s labyrinth. Snorkeling will let you admire underwater cliffs and countless fish. Mooring and lunch in Scandola, then swimming and departure to Calvi. Calvi, for centuries under Genoese domination, pretends that Christopher Columbus’s soul still inhabits the town. The quays are now crowded with lively bars and restaurants. Uptown, the narrow streets snake to the magnificent citadel. Dinner on board and mooring for the night in the marina.

5th day

In the morning, free time to visit Calvi and then departure to the Gulf of La Revellata: swimming, relaxation, snorkeling, kayaking. After lunch, route to Girolata. South of Calvi, landscapes become wild, steep, and cut into a bright red granite. Sailing is the best way to discover the Natural Reserve of Scandola and Corsica’s beautiful coastal vistas. The volcanic origin of the island as well as wind and water erosion created breathtaking landscapes: abrupt cliffs, red rocks with tortured shapes, deserted creeks.
Further south, discover Girolata a small fisherman’s village, one of the last places on the coast that is unaccessible by roads and still inhabited. Girolata has a dreamlike quality that's highlighted by the vivid red of the surrounding rocks. A short stretch of stony beach and a few houses are dominated by a stately watchtower, built by the Genoese later in the seventeenth century in the form of a small castle on a bluff overlooking the cove. Nautical activities, dinner and mooring for the night in Cala Muretta or Cala Vecchia.

6th day

Breakfast on board and another call around Capo Rosso and its numerous belvederes, in order to visit the sites not seen during the first stop. Lunch on board. Then sailing to Cargese. Swimming, relaxation, nautical activities, dinner and mooring for the night.

7th day

Breakfast on board and morning sailing in the bay of Sagone, mooring for lunch then route to Ajaccio. Visit the city of Ajaccio in the late afternoon: Napoleon Bonaparte was born here, and take time to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and wealth of cafes, restaurants and shops. Pass through the narrow streets and simply enjoy the lively quays of the harbor. Dinner and overnight on board.

8th day

After breakfast, disembarking until 9.00 am

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